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Congress is the ITF’s core decision-making event. Every four years, we invite our affiliates to join us and stand together in one place to collectively contribute to shaping the future of transport workers. On behalf of the 19.7 million transport workers in the ITF family, affiliate representatives have the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to elect leaders, bring forward motions, and update our constitution to reflect the changing world we live and work in.

This year in Singapore, we invite our affiliates to come together to celebrate the great work of the past inter-Congress period and discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by transport workers all around the world.

In 2018, Congress will be a launching platform for the ITF family to take the ITF vision forward and help transport workers to build power. 

“This year in Singapore, we want our ITF delegates to leave with a clear commitment and responsibility at every level to make the world a better place generally and specifically for transport workers. Singapore is so exciting, because it’s the next logical step of momentum!”

Paddy Crumlin ITF president