Inland Navigation

The Inland Navigation Section Conference passed four motions, which demonstrate the breadth and importance of ITF work in this area. Inland navigation is an increasingly important link in the modern multi-modal transport chain. That requires a more robust action from the ITF, and affiliates unanimously approved a motion that will re-established a section steering committee and mandate greater affiliate engagement with the ITF secretariat.

Unions also approved motions calling for work on international and regional standards, further growth in the tug-boat network, and a second wave of the river cruise campaign. Speaking about river cruise, Torben Seebold of ver.di said “whilst tourists sit and sip wine taking in the beautiful scenery of the Danube on a River Cruise the workers below are suffering poor conditions and wages as little as € 3 an hour.”

Yuri Sukhorukov from the Seafarers Union of Russia was elected as the new chair of the section, replacing Nick Bramley from Nautilus International. Nick is leaving after 16 years of service as chair and having been a trade union member since 1973. He was awarded an ITF Gold Award for long service within the ITF by the General Secretary Stephen Cotton. Stephen Cotton acknowledged Nick’s dedication and called him “an intellectual and a great trade unionist who has given his whole life to the movement.”