ITF Congress 2018 Day 6 Highlights


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ITF Congress 2018 Day 6 Highlights

Check out the highlights from day 6 of the ITF Congress 2018. The Congress Plenary Session and Resolutions Committee took...

Paddy Crumlin Closes the 44th ITF Congress

ITF Congress 2018 Gold Award Winners

Transport, Urban Transport, Seafarers and Dockers Building Union Power!

Road, Seafarer and Tourism Reports at ITF Congress 2018

Congratulations to the Newly Elected Executive Board!

Paddy Crumlin Re-Elected President of the ITF!


#YourCongressYourVoice – Comment s’est passé votre #itfcongress2018? Josiana Nathalie, Cameroon.— ITF Congress 2018 (@ITFCongress2018) October 20, 2018

We Fight for Peace, Freedom and the Rights of All Workers

“We fight for peace, freedom and the rights of all workers. These are the values of the ITF”, president Paddy...

ITF Congress 2018 endorses greater representation for women transport workers and young transport workers

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