Civil Aviation Workers Building Power

Civil Aviation is an ever changing industry. It is the fastest growing mode of transport in the world and the numbers of employees in the industry and passengers is reflective of that. As an industry it has also been exposed to massive technological change with the use of self-service check in desks, remote piloted aircraft, remote towers and a long list of other technologies that have the potential to undermine decent employment in the industry.

In addition to the challenges faced by workers with the introduction of new technologies, airlines are on a path to reduce the cost of labour to as little as possible undermining jobs, salaries and conditions. They have done this through the introduction of atypical contracts, seasonal employment and reduction in training to name a few.

However the ITF and the Civil Aviation Section has and will continue to fight the practices in the industry that attack workers and their rights. To date we have engaged with some of the largest players in the industry including Ryanair, Swissport and LATAM, and we have plenty of ongoing work to help bring solidarity and unity amongst our affiliates.

Aviation is a truly global industry. The links between all countries, unions and workers are strong. Action in one continent will have a direct impact on the working conditions of a worker be it negative or positive. Together we will bring strength and decent conditions to aviation workers, together we will build union power.