The ITF will calculate the number of delegates your union is entitled to send to Congress based on the total membership declared, and paid for, by your union based on the information provided in the ITF’s Membership Survey 2018.

Please email should you have any questions.

Number of delegates

The ITF Constitution states that the number of Congress delegates to which affiliated organisations are entitled shall be as follows:

Paid up membershipDelegates
Up to 5,0001
5,001 to 10,0002
10,001 to 20,0003
20,001 to 30,0004
30,001 to 40,0005
40,001 to 50,0006
50,001 to 75,0007
75,001 to 100,0008
100,001 to 125,0009
125,001 to 150,00010
150,001 to 175,00011
175,001 to 200,00012
Paid up membershipDelegates
200,001 to 250,00013
250,001 to 300,00014
300,001 to 350,00015
350,001 to 400,00016
400,001 to 450,00017
450,001 to 500,00018
500,001 to 600,00019
600,001 to 700,00020
700,001 to 800,00021
800,001 to 900,00022
900,001 or more23

An affiliated organisation may add a reasonable number of advisors to its delegation, provided that the advisors are members of, or otherwise closely associated with, that affiliated organisation.

Women delegates

The Constitution states that organisations must ensure that the number of women delegates shall be at least proportional to their share of the union’s membership.  And each delegation consisting of three persons or more must include at least one woman delegate.

Youth delegates

The Constitution also states that organisations shall aim to ensure that the number of young workers shall be at least proportional to their share of the union’s membership. Nevertheless, each delegation consisting of more than five persons shall aim to include at least one young worker.


Provided written notification of its actions given to the General Secretary, if possible at least 4 weeks before the beginning of Congress, an affiliated organisation may nominate the delegation of another organisation to act on its behalf at a Congress, but no delegation may represent more than three organisations in addition to its own.

Please provide written notification via