Women Transport Workers Building Power

Globally, high levels of women transport workers face extreme working conditions, gender-based occupational segregation, sexual harassment and other forms of violence at work on a daily basis. 

With a collective voice, we aim to confront the issues of power and control that are deeply rooted in our societies and the culture of the industry. We plan to increase pressure on industry decision-makers and our trade union leadership to end gender inequality. We aim to mobilise around the impact of changes associated with automation, digitalisation and platform working.

The ITF and affiliates will continue to build gender-based alliances, develop women transport workers’ leadership at all levels, and make sure women transport workers are fully integrated into the ITF priority programme and future of work agenda.

Women transport workers demand employers deliver their responsibility to provide safe workplaces, free from violence. The ITF and affiliates are challenging and shifting the current ingrained narrative and practice that the transport industry is a man’s world.