Civil Aviation

The civil aviation conference at the ITF Congress talked about the global aviation industry with an affiliate led outlook. The conference opened with the research report on the global aviation industry which looked at 4 key points; the airlines are the main economic employer, the bulk of airline networks are regional with an explosive growth in Asia Pacific, an influx of low cost airlines worldwide and that Cargo may offer leverage to the airline workers.

The reports on the work were presented by Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez the secretary of the CA section and Eoin Coates the assistant secretary of the section. Qatar Airways, Avianca-LATAM and Ryanair campaign update showcased that consolidated efforts by affiliates, social dialogue and solidarity brought significant successes and built power in all the campaigns. However, more consolidated effort is required against these aggressively anti-union companies.

Michael Corrado from IAMAW updated the room about the start-up organizing initiatives in Jakarta, Bangkok, Casablanca and Panama City. “Airports unions are seeking to address the fragmentation of the industry by coordinating across sectors with strategic approaches, let’s fix what’s broken”.